Forgiving Transgressions

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Part one: Pause and Reflect
When looking back on how I was raised, my family origins would fit in the pluralistic communication pattern. My family has high conversation orientation and low in conformity orientation. When decision-making occurred everyone in my family would state their opinions, but in the end my parents have always let me decide on what I thought was best. They strongly believed in order to learn how to decide wisely, I have to live through my mistakes. I still am very close with my family as well as very close to my own little family I have now. They know everything that is going on in my life as well as they are my biggest supporters. The textbook mentions, “open communication and shared decision making produces better results
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Showing Assurance helps improve comfort and security within a relationship. Every relationship needs to show assurance knowing that they care for each other and that they matter by using openness and support to other person when they are feeling lost, unsure, or let down. I feel like every relationship has assurance depending on certain levels of comfort.

Every relationship goes through a bumpy road. Knowing that Forgiving Transgressions is key for helping restore a damaged relationship should be used as often as it can to heal and bond each other back together. Forgiving has some major benefits such as personal and relational. Personal you are able to learn how to let go of issues that don’t matter in exchange for a relationship that means a lot to you. Relational knowing validating the issues and forgiving is the best option for a relationship can make the relationship more powerful.

Outside Media
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Gary Chapman who wrote the books called “The 5 Love Languages” and “Love is a Verb.” He explains the importance to know each other’s love language and how most couples don’t have the same language as one another. Which the five types are words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Love makes a tremendous impact and changes people’s lives between parents and children, spouses, and the relationship between god and yourself. Instead of focusing on the things we don’t like about each other, we should focus on the things we like about one another and the behavior between the two people will change for the better.

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