The Importance Of Foreign Policy

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Foreign policy often seems like a double edged blade and a dubious decision between who to anger. If you make one action, you anger a certain group of people, if you choose to go forth with another action, you open up a whole other can of worms with another country. After the First World War, the United States took a solemn vow to keep out of foreign affairs for fear of getting swept up into another world war. In the period from the 1920’s through the beginning of World War II, the United States moved away from their policy of neutrality and evolved into a power able to take down even the most unruly dictators. With the end of World War I, an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity swept over the States. Stocks were booming, evolutions …show more content…
The weakened nation was hit with an unprecedented economic depression deemed The Great Depression. If this happened today, not even Donald Trump’s business savvy could “Make America Great Again”. The only thing that would be the answer for the 1930’s nation would be war, but not quite yet. Starting in 1935, the United States began reaffirming its neutral stance on foreign affairs by passing various neutrality acts. The country was trying its best to avoid the brewing storm that was taking place in Europe. The terror enveloping the world began to become more real as the Japanese invaded China in 1937, thus rekindling the debate over foreign affairs. The evil that they saw as the Japanese tore through China was unbearable. Many were on the hot seat and ready to launch head on into war (Doc D). Japan added more and more to the pressure by sinking the US ship Panay, which they later apologized for, leaving the US out of conflict. For once, the political parties were agreeing on foreign affairs. Both the republicans and the democrats believed that the nation had not yet fully recovered from the effects of World War I and that the United States should only attack if the nations enter the Western Hemisphere as the Monroe Doctrine says (Doc E). Hitler’s invasion of Poland even

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