The Importance Of Foreign Language In Education

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For example, as an Arabic native speaker and previous English language learner and a current English as a foreign language instructor, and a future assistant professor at the University of Jeddah who has been involved in multicultural and multilingual contexts for several years, I produced a paper to investigate language use, motivation and attitudes towards foreign language learning. Through this investigation I learned how attitudes about language use influence the way some Arabic students identify themselves as well as the way they feel and perceived by others.
At the graduate level, I received my degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the university of Texas, San Antonio that opened my eyes to new arenas and enhanced my understanding
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I am specifically interested in conducting a research on Race and Social Inequality in Education to understand the functions and possibility of education system in both the US and Saudi Arabia. UCB Education Ph.D in Language Literacy and Culture would allow me to further examine issues of diversity, culture, and identity in educational contexts, since English is a multicultural, cosmopolitan language. I believe that the works of individuals like Dr. Bruce Fuller and Dr. Patricia Baquedano Lopez, exemplify the connection between what is discussed and produced in academia and its practicality and usefulness for education. Dr. Fuller’s work on the intersection between policy concerning discipline and Inequality in urban education and also Dr. Lopez’s work on Language Socialization and Development have attracted me to this program. After reading Dr. Fuller’s book “ Organizing Locally” I realized how his interest in improving Education will impel me to explore other factors in research and teaching to apply in my …show more content…
Possible obstacles do not discourage me; rather I focus on the solutions and move forward even more determined. I was born to a Saudi Arabian family living in a small city, where the men were the head of the household and women stay at home raising the family. Even though my parents were aware of the importance education, the family tradition did not include women going abroad, not even showing effort for that. In all my family, I was the first female who achieved high success in all grade levels and went to study abroad. I was the first woman in all my family to be an “English instructor at a university level”. My parents were conservative, but they were also open-minded. They always trusted me and supported my decisions. When I made my decision to pursue higher education and no matter how challenging it was, they approved my outfacing with both psychological and social challenges. Then I explored in my own experience that motivation and dedication led me beat all obstacles for reaching my goals. This exploration also led me to be “the first female” in all my family to move to the United States to improve my career in my major, and to deal with “culture and language” in real life conditions as a part of my interest

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