The Importance Of Football In My Life

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Throughout my life nothing has taught me more than playing my favorite sport, football. I have played many other sports such as baseball, basketball, and track, however, none of them make me feel the way football does. Although many people may agree that football is teaching violence and causes injury, I believe that it is a learning experience more than anything. Football has taught me how to hold myself accountable, how to fight through pain, how to fail, and also how to succeed. No matter what age, football teaches you that life is going to be hard whether it is practicing in 100 degree heat, or losing a big game. In addition, football teaches you how to be a man and grow up. I started playing football at the age of six but it really started to consume my life once I got into highschool. Throughout …show more content…
I remember walking into the weightroom on the first day of summer and being overwhelmed with the smell of sweat and the sound of weights rattling across the room. I was with my best friend Jackson, but we call him Jack, and both being intimidated by the upperclassman putting 225lbs on bench and repping it out with no issue. Little did I know, the weight room would soon be where I was spending most of my summers throughout high school. Later in the summer of my freshman year, I was given the option to travel Florida or attend a football camp at Central Methodist University (CMU), and I chose football. Throughout my freshman season I do not remember much for I did not play considerable time. However, in those memories that vividly stand out to me one is when one of my good friends, Kyle, broke his finger so badly that the bone was sticking out and blood was dripping onto the field. After a not so successful freshman year, our school decided to hire a new head football coach. Seeking an answer, we were informed that our next football coach would be Jimmy

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