The Importance Of Football In Friday Night Lights

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Why does Ivory Christian hate football that could offer him so many great opportunities for him? Most of the time he fights to get rid of it from his life, even though he likes the game itself. He doesn't even see the potential his coaches see of a career in college football. In Friday Night Lights, Ivory is confused with a lack of self-esteem who wants above all to please his dad. Ivory felt confused when it came to playing football because he felt like it was his obligation to play and also because it somehow seemed his destiny to do so. He talked to his father about it, and told him that he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to play college ball if he had the chance. One night Ivory had a dream of how he was living life wrong, “emphasizing all the wrong things,” football being one of them. The next day he tells his pastor from his church and how he was certain it was a message to transform himself to god. This made Ivory also second-guess himself about football. Although Ivory is extremely …show more content…
This is not unusual for a father to want his son to follow in his footsteps. When Ivory tells his father that he's not sure he wants to play college ball, the first thing that runs in his father’s mind is what great opportunities football could do for his son and how it could make him the first member of the Christian family ever to go to college. But his father abide his son’s decision if Ivory chose not to play football anymore. In Friday Night Lights, Ivory Christian has a lot of growing up to do. Of course Ivory is a teenager going through some changes trying to figure out his way in life. Perhaps for the first time, he has figured out that there is something else in life that he can be successful besides

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