Persuasive Essay On Hunger In Schools

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Who remembers coming home after school and eating a big snack (mostly Junk Food) and then asking Mom when will dinner be ready? Why did we do this? Because we were hungry. How many of us leave the house early without eating a healthy breakfast only to find that by 1o’clock we have a headache, are tired and irritable. Why? Because we are hungry. Why do we do this to ourselves? The bigger question is why are we doing this to our students? As parents, and teachers it is our responsibility to eliminate hunger. We can best do this by encouraging schools to allow food in the classroom. Not just any food, healthy snacks and meals that will teach students how to eat healthy food throughout their life. You may be asking yourself why it is the schools
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Students are hungry and have poor choices available to them. Schools are the ones who will have the biggest impact on changing how, when and what students eat. Students spend up to 9 hours a day at school and school activities. Why are students hungry? Time. No time in the morning for breakfast. No time between classes to eat. By the time students arrive home their body’s starvation mode has been triggered. Throughout schools in America students are not allowed to bring water and food into the classroom. This paper aims to prove that with some simple modifications schools could eliminates student hunger, as well as improve student health. Students have limited access to water and food other than at Lunch time. Proper hydration can improve student’s health and cognitive brain functions. The dangers of dehydration can be avoided by schools offering drinking water throughout the day in the classroom. Hunger is also a danger in the classroom. Students who are hungry have a harder time staying on task. Hunger can be avoided with healthy snacks being offered in the classroom as opposed to the junk food in the vending

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