Why People Do Not Follow Instructions

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In my opinion people can not follow instructions because they are doing something else when someone giving instruction. They might be doing something else. For example, scrolling Instagram or Whatsapp status, talking to each other, finishing other classes task, updating status and others. So, to make sure that they can focus when someone delivered the instruction is that they gathered all the phone before the class session started. Besides, they need to manage their time and know what is needed to be prioritize, so that they will not do any other work in other class. Maybe they can do time table or Gantt Chart to make sure they know what to do and they can see their progress. However, not everyone can follow the time table and the Gantt Chart. …show more content…
This type of people might not like to work in groups and they tend to do everything by themselves because they lack trust to others. It wil make others have difficulty to work with them. Thus, being selfish or a self-centred person is not a good vibe. Especially when you are in a team or in a collective society. It is everyone responsibility to make sure each of them being responsible with the instructions, and everyone will be save from any punishment or consequences of not following the instructions. Next, they might do not like the people that deliver them the instruction maybe because of the attitude or the outfit or maybe because of the way the instructions are givens and it could be of any other reasons. Because nowadays, people like to judge others or make generalization based on what they see and what they heard. Sometimes they rely and believe on all the rumours spread by the anonymous person and start to make their own judgement based on their own perception and start to discriminate them. People tend to see the negative side of others despite on all the positive

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