The Importance Of Folk Fair

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This year I went to Folk Fair in Milwaukee. This is a program in which groups of people from all different backgrounds come together. This fair was extremely diverse with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. The theme this year was the culture of light and how different culture use light and it’s significance. Some cultures like the Indians, celebrate a Holiday called Diwali, which means festival of lights. When you walk in you can right away smell the food and hear the different music that is being played by the performers. There were many different performances that went on throughout the program. There was African American, Turkish. Filipino, and Native American dancers. My favorite was the Ukrainian Men. They did a lot of …show more content…
Another similarity I noticed was with Indians and Mexicans. They both eat a form of tortillas on a regular bases. The Mexican use corn or flour tortilla and usually eat it at every meal. Indians eat rotis, which is very similar, but it is made out of wheat.
This really compares to the reading in our book, “ Tortillas and Rotis.” This reading assignment showed the differences in both cultures and how they use both dishes. After reading this assignment and going to the fair it was seeing the reading I had done come alive. I was actually seeing and tasting the differences between the both. That is the one thing I enjoyed while being at this event. I was able too see the reading and stuff we had talked about in class in person. It is one thing to sit in a lecture and hear about but until you get out and experience it is something completely
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There were so many cultures I honestly did not even know about at all. Like the Ukrainian dancers, this was my first time ever seeing a Ukrainian dance. It was nice to actually go out and see other cultures other than your own. One thing I really enjoyed was these people were fully authentic. One thing I really dislike is seeing and hearing about a certain cultures from people who are not a part of that specific culture. I also strongly dislike seeing cultures that have became to Americanized, because then I feel like it loses it originality. This event was very authentic and these people live their cultures everyday. I was able to talk to so many different people and everyone was very accepting of another cultures. No one thought their culture was better or anything of that sort. I truly enjoyed this

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