The Importance Of Flunking As A Teaching Tool Essay

1142 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
Have you noticed that many freshmen college students have a hard time adjusting to college classes? Do you know the reason for it? Well, it is because most high school teachers only teach their students enough in order to graduate. So, adjusting to actually studying and putting much effort on the work is harder for college students, especially since college classes are much harder and work at a much faster pace. One way teachers can grab the attention of students, is by "revealing the trump card of failure (Sherry pg.713)." I believe on the use of flunking as a teaching tool, but only with right motivation, support, and a reason to learn and improve.

I believe in the use of flunking as a teaching tool, but with right support from both the teachers and the parents. I believe both parties have to agree in order for this to work. Parents have to agree with teachers flunking their children; they should not be going against teachers and doing their children 's homework in order for them to pass. Every student should go through the experience of flunking, it is the only way they can truly learn. Teachers should be flunking students with the right intentions for students to realize they need to put more effort in the class. Professors should not just flunk kids because they can no longer take the students anymore or because they do not like the student. Also, instructors should not hold back on flunking students, even if it is one of their favorite students and believe the student…

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