The Importance Of Fine Arts In Schools

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Students are required to sit through countless hours of lectures and complete numerous math problems before they can be considered a top student in any school across the nation. But can they become a better student by listening to music or painting a picture? There is a constant debate on whether schools should continue to support fine art classes. Some people think that dance, music, drama, and art classes are not a necessary component for students to participate in to graduate. These same people see fine art classes as a hobby to do on a student’s leisure time not an essential aspect to cultivate student learning. On the other hand, there are other people who think any form of art is vital for a student to be a well-rounded scholar …show more content…
One of the biggest issues school have when it comes to providing fine arts is the cost. Chuck Surack, a musician who is best known as the founder of Sweetwater Sound, a leading retailer of musical instruments and pro audio equipment. He said in an article, “the practice of disproportionately cutting arts programs in order to maintain academic programs is misguided, shortsighted, and counterproductive” (Surack). It is easier to cut out fine art classes from a school’s schedule than a math or English class. Although arts are proven to help a student’s learning process, administration officials push core classes such as math, English and science more than a choir class. With today’s economy members of the school board are constantly looking for ways to save money, and since fine arts aren’t part of a standardized test, it is always the first subject eliminated from the …show more content…
SAT scores were shown to be higher among those who were involved in some kind of daily art. Art students also have higher attendance and graduation rates (Surack). “The arts as a core academic subject is essential for a complete and balanced education for all students," said Otha Thornton, president of National PTA (Thornton). Studies have also proven that music education reinforces critical analysis skills, while also enhance problem-solving skills and exercises the memory. Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel is a strong believer in the importance of art education. Rahm Emanuel says that parents of young children should be exposing children to music and other art forms at the same time they start to read to

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