Personal Narrative: A Career In The Film Industry

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Film in our world today is something we use to portray our imagination. We use films to put ourselves in dangerous and thrilling scenarios that we would never really want to be in. Why do people like to watch horror movies if they get scared? People like feeling like they are actually in the movie entering that dark, creepy room with the squeaky floorboards and the terrifying silhouettes. My major happens to be Film Making and Television Production and I chose this career because I enjoy the process that takes place in order to make a film or television show, as well as the experience from watching them.
In my film career, I would incorporate the artistic aspect of film by producing a documentary of all the work that is put in to create the
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Those are not the only types of arts, arts can be anything from those three examples to philosophy, literature, theater, photography, architecture, dance, and of course film. I strongly believe that my documentary would be able to change people’s perspective towards film and would help them appreciate and even enter a career in the film industry.
There was that person that changed my view towards film and even helped me make my career choice. Now I would like to help others that were like me understand the true art in the film business. Some people would still not change the way they view film as an art. I am not expecting everyone to think like me, I just believe that people could have a chance to understand the process and not just watch a movie to watch. I believe that having an idea of what took place to make a film possible could even make a person enjoy it more.
With my career choice being Film Making and Television Production which is an artistic career already, I believe I can help people understand the artistic viewpoints of many careers within the film industry. Art is not for everyone but in many aspects of society without people knowing, art is all around

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