Argumentative Essay On The Relationship Between Men And Women

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Many people think that feminism is women growing out armpit hair or burning their bras, but there is so much more to it than that. Men and women deserve the same rights. Feminism is so often misunderstood. People think that it means women hate men or think they are better, but they are very wrong. Women are oversexualized and treated as lesser human beings than men. That is not right. Feminism is often not perceived correctly, as being a feminist means you believe in equality.
The school dress code for girls is a very valid point. Starting at the young age of around ten years old, girls are told that they have to dress a certain way to prevent men from getting distracted. The girls are usually either sent home to change, or given a detention.
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Even though millions of women work and many of them can work just as well as men do, people still think the woman 's job is to be at home, being a housewife. Emma Watson said “Both women and men should feel free to be sensitive. Both women and men should feel free to be strong… it is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals.”
In 2014, women were still only being paid seventy-nine cents for every dollar men would earn. This is known as the gender pay gap. This is a very big and well known problem. Even today, in 2016, women are still paid less than men. This is a very big issue, and many believe it should not be an ongoing issue still to this day. Jennifer Lawrence found out that she was being paid less than her male co-workers. Even though she was doing the same job as them. She was being paid a certain percentage less than the
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There are so many things that can make a women feel inferior. The media puts out unrealistic expectations of the way women are supposed to look. In magazines or in Victoria 's Secret fashion shows, women are constantly reminded of how they are not good enough. There are always ways that women can “improve their looks” or get a “beach body.” Many women go to extreme lengths to achieve the “ideal body.” Some resort to plastic surgery or starving themselves. However Dove. the creator of the skincare and haircare products promotes all body types. They have a “Real Beauty Campaign” where they show that all body types should be accepted in society. Jennifer lawrence

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