Feminism In America

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It isn 't uncommon where, immigrants worldwide risk their safety attempting to enter the United States; they come searching for opportunities that were unavailable in their own country. Men who leave their families hoping to start a new life, or perhaps a woman bringing her children to avoid the incessant oppression and dehumanization that she and her daughter endure everyday for being female. But how soul wrenching to put your own life in danger to travel to a foreign land where nothing is promised. They enter the United States to find America is equality deficient. Women in America live in the shadow of their male counterparts both financially and socially. Fortunately where there’s a will, there is a way. Feminism is the belief or ideology …show more content…
The pay gap isn’t expected to close for another one hundred years! It is a well-known fact that women make seventy nine cents to a male’s dollar. The gap increases for women of color. This show that this problem is more than a gender issue. The problem is relevant as far as ethnicity also. Even with increased education females still in this country will not be able to close the pay gap as easily as they think. This pay gap resides in nearly every occupation available. The pay gap may vary by state. The increased education of females has diminished the pay gap significantly since 1970. In 1974 women made fifty nine cents for every dollar earned by males. This is progress, but still isn’t what is needed in this country. Utah has the most significant pay gap, where females make sixty seven percent of a male’s dollar. The greatest ethnic gap is in Caucasian women, who make seventy nine percent of their male counterparts, while African American women make ninety percent. Those statistics are women compared to males of the same race. The gap increases when compared to Caucasian men. Although a great deal of anti-feminists believe the line stops here, it proceeds on. The hooked edge of female oppression cuts much farther than political and economic agendas. There is a social issue as well.

The political and economical examples of injustice are just a thin layer at the top of the cake. These issues are applicable in social settings as well. The assemblage who dispute the legitimacy of feminism believe that the social issue is a result of a mass number of women complaining. They find the idea of an authentic social dilemma senseless. They believe that the 1 in 5 women that will be raped in her lifetime don 't hold any weight in our American

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