The Importance Of Female Police Officers

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How Female Police Officers Help Decease Police Violence
In society today, law enforcement is facing an alarming crisis. Due to the number of excessive force scandals and police corruptions, there is a loss of public confidence and trust in officers. Astounding headlines such as, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “I Can’t Breathe” have become the norm in today’s society. Police officers are being judged primarily by situations where police brutality and corruption are accused or have taken place. To combat this crisis, there needs to be an increased number of female officers recruited for the job. Across the country, female officers make up only 13% of all law enforcement officers. Although the percentage of female officers is very low, they are very effective in their roles and a necessity to all police departments. It has been proven that female officers are better at reducing potentially violent confrontations, have a substantially lower use of physical or excessive force than their male colleagues, and have fewer complaints submitted against them.
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Most believe that they are able to reduce the occurrence of violent confrontations through the use of effective communication skills, which studies have shown to be true. Women are excellent at de-escalating situations, as they are better at connecting on a more understanding and emotional level. They are also very good listeners and are sometimes better able to empathize in certain situations such as a domestic violence incident, which in turn, can make them better capable of defusing a problem before it escalates into something worse. In situations involving children, the children often feel more comfortable speaking to a female officer as they relate them to a mom-type person rather than a man in uniform who can come across

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