The Importance Of Female Education

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Hilary Clinton once said, " I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century. " I agree with this statement, and today I would like to talk about why female education matters. I will base my examples on the situation in South Asia. According to UNICEF this region is the most gender-unequal in the world. There is a clear preference for boys' education, it is mostly because people think that investing in girls' education is just a waste of money, since there will not be the one that support a family financially. When it comes to early marriages, South Asia leads the world. Almost 58% of girls get married before they turn 18 years old. Because of these early marriages and lack of education, South Asia …show more content…
It is outrageous that one gender has bigger rights to something so crucial, significant and basic as education. In South Asia, it is common that boys go to school and girls stay at home and work. Women are treated as slaves with no rights only responsibilities. Girls have no perspective apart from marriage, in which there many times victims of sexual, emotional and psychical violence. It is obvious to me, that we should support female education, not only because it empowers equality but because it gives women the power to make choices to live like they want to, not how they are told …show more content…
Right now in South Asia every three minutes, a woman or a girl dies in a labor or because of the consequences of the childbirth. This happens because pregnant women, as well as Traditional Birth Attendants, are mostly unqualified and uneducated, for example, they believe that one of the best ways to resolve complications at delivery is by putting warm cow dung on woman's stomach. I could give you detailed statistics about this issue, but instead, I want to present you a story of Matiya, a girl that got married at the age of 6 years old, and died at the age of 17 while giving birth to her second child. According to her sister-in-law, that's how Matiya's death looked like "Matiya died in a pool of blood on her way to the community health center….…The baby was alive, her cord still tied to Matiya when she breathed her last" . We can close our eyes and pretend that situations like this do not take place, or we can finally change our passive behavior, and help these girls get educated, help them to live a long and a happy life.

Supporting female education is something incredibly important, that can benefit society in many ways. We have to influence the government to make education available for every woman.
By allowing girls to get the same possibilities like boys we will make the population growth grow.
By allowing girls to obtain at least basic education, we will create an informed, cultured and literate society and GDP will

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