The Importance Of Feedback On Student Education

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Feedback is frequently conceptualised as the teacher giving input to students, as it is expressed in the Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leadership [AITSL] standard five by being able to assess, provide feedback and report on student learning. Providing appropriate feedback in vital for educators, as it helps develop better learning outcomes for students to be able to achieve. Students withholding a significant amount information preceding assessment tasks are given a better chance to present their best possible response to a given assessment (Readman & Allen, 2013). Teachers are the prime source of support as students dependent on them to give appropriate feedback about the things they are doing great and how they may enhance …show more content…
Reporting may appear like a straightforward activity, however it is more than that. Reporting gives administration an extra open door for development, through readers ' responses, reactions and proposals. All the inputs from direct stakeholders should be carefully reviewed as part of a management learning development to adapt and fine-tune the students’ learning objectives (Department of Education and Training, 2014). The reporting procedure is generally comprised of five areas. These areas begin by focusing on the students accomplishments, by additionally highlighting the components that influenced the accomplished objective. Next is aptitude, by distinguishing the capacities of the individual student. Following aptitude is effort, making sure students are praised for investing more effort to succeed. Next point is compliance, recognising student’s attendance, homework culmination and conduct administration. Last is attitude, there demeanour towards school, learning, fellow peers and the educator themselves (Brady & Kennedy, 2005). The Department of Education and training (2014) states that reporting procedures are offered twice a year, giving parents the opportunity to discuss and evaluate their child’s academic performance while also giving teachers further direction of the improvements they can modify through teaching

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