The Importance Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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Register to read the introduction… Capulet is now forcing Juliet to marry Paris and even though Juliet disagrees to the wedding Capulet will not take no for an answer. The wedding is set on Thursday. Juliet been desperate and unwilling to marry any other than Romeo seeks out the Friar for counselling. A potion is given to Juliet and she is to take it Wednesday night. Yet again fate puts a twist in the story as Capulet exclaims excitedly, "I'll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning." (IV.2.24) Thus moving the wedding day forward and ruining all plans. Juliet was forced to take the potion much earlier than expected due to the moving date of the wedding. Fate at times can be a good or bad thing. In this case fate sounded really wretched and cruel. Juliet having to go into a fake death while uninformed Romeo was dying of anxiety in banishment. …show more content…
If he had been patient for a minute longer maybe he would have witnessed Juliet's waking. It is either that or if Juliet had woken a minute earlier she would have seen her darling Romeo alive. Fate was a very obvious played factor in this scene due to the fact that Romeo could woe and cry for oh-so-long but Juliet would not awaken but at the moment of his death, she wakes up. It was just too coincidental that Romeo was able to find a poison strong enough to kill him and that he could carry out his full soliloquy before dying. Sometimes fate is a evil twisted, cursed

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