Mcdonalization: A Teenager's Nutritional Lifestyle

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Have you ever realized the increasing rate of obesity in the modernized world? Did you ever ask yourself why the highest rate of obese teenagers is present in the main industrial cities where fast food restaurants are mainly concentrated in big numbers? The teeming urbanized lifestyles overshadowed a great prospect of the “consumer’s nutritional choices where these fast food restaurants are constantly becoming an indispensible demand in any city and a major attempt for a wide generation” (Bowman, 2004). So to what level is McDonalization affecting the nutritional life style of this generation? And can we blame these fast foods restaurants for being one of the major factors that reckons the teenager’s dietary supplement or the absence of healthy …show more content…
Professor Rosenheck (2008) did uncover the results of some experimental studies about the rate of fast food consumption and the increased caloric intake in three urbanized spots in the state of Massachusetts and “provided a strong evidence for the independent role of fast food consumption contributing to increased caloric intake, hastening rates of weight gain or obesity”( Rosenheck, 2008) . It is becoming more prevalent how childhood obesity is beginning to increase drastically where parental guidance is totally lacking the required awareness to guide or simply belittling the dangers of allowing their children in attempting fast food restaurants. The repetitive visits to McDonalds, KFC, Hardees and other major fast food corporations has transformed to be a causal lifestyle among teenagers as professed by Dr. Rosenheck. The modernized life patterns and commercialization have played another role in exposing these fast food meals as a major temptation with awesome attractive flavors where such restaurants began competing not only in the price stock rate but also in adding additional appetizers that are far away from being healthy where exposure to …show more content…
The lack of physical activity and the absence of parental guide to help the teenagers in choosing a healthier life style as stated by the American Journal of Public Health can endanger the healthy life style of thousands of teenagers (2009). Exposure to poor quality has important effects on teenagers’ eating pattern where another procedure can be done to limit the proximity of fast food restaurants which can reduce the possible health effects. Other major health predicaments are highly attributed to the rise of sugar levels among teenagers which can cause diabetes. Diabetic teenagers used to have a history with fast food frequent consumption where more cases were attributed to the huge unbalanced intake of fast foods.

So, does fast food industry has major positive or negative effects on the teenagers’ nutritional life style? Well, it is obvious that the frequent intake of fast foods and the absence of parental guide can increase the dangers of health problems like obesity or even diabetes where more public awareness should be exercised to facilitate a healthy nutrition for the teenagers. All in all, it the cultural awareness that should be taken in consideration in order to help the teenagers in making correct healthy decisions that would lead to the foundation of a healthy

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