Summary: The Importance Of Holistic Assessment

According to Denham, Eggenberger, Young and Krumwiede (2016) assessments are tools that allow nurses to gather holistic data, which in turn guides the scope of nursing care that will be given (p.108). Through an assessment a nurse is able to acknowledge what the negative and positive factors influence a patients health and wellness. In order to identify these factors the nurse must be able to complete a thorough assessment of the entire family unit as the household can either make or break the patients recovery. Knowing the importance of the holistic assessment within the context of a family I would utilize multiple assessment strategies for the best possible quality of care.
These strategies include a systematic approach to collect and
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If the interventions are not effective, the systematic approach will help you to identify these trends. Next is the therapeutic communication, failing to develop a trusting rapport with the patient, can result in communication barriers that may ultimately lead to an ineffective delivery of care. According to Haddon (2009), a key component of the families interview process is communication as the patient’s narrative helps us obtain a better picture of their health story from their personal viewpoint (p.1). Therapeutic communication can also be utilized in the collaborative aspects of the family’s care. The last three strategies include critical thinking, which allows the nurses to properly prioritize, identify, and problem solve for entire household unit. This goes hand in hand with analyzing and evaluating the patient and the family’s information while continuing to be sensitive to their beliefs and values. Utilizing these strategies and methods as their family nurse I will help me provide a complete holistic assessment of the family as a whole.
• Describe the difference between genograms and ecomaps. How will you use each to impact your family plan of
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According to Kaakinen et al. (2016) this assessment tool allow the nurse to visually represent the family as a single entity and how the family connects and interacts with the outside world (p.117). The information identified by the ecomap assessment tool will allow the nurse to identify strengths and weaknesses in the family’s social integration into their community. This tool is also very useful in identifying what resources a nurse can provide to a family to optimize their support system and aids the nurse in meeting and addressing the needs of each family

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