Community Organizing Research Paper

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Many people start or join community organizing projects because they feel spiritually connected or inspired. It is with these people that all of our great organizations have been created, for example, churches, mosques, or synagogues are still around today and this is where many activists envisioned their ideas. Inside a church, for instance, a priest will repeat verses from the bible and also give words of advice to the attendees. This enables any person attending to soak the information and feel inspired by the words spoken in church. From this point on, the religious institution is a place where ideas, questions, and religion are discussed. Within the community a person is apart of, one will feel even more so connected because of their religious beliefs. Religion is one thing that ties a person to a religious institution, which therefore brings a community of people together without having to force anyone. I believe that most people will go to a religious institution because they feel internally and spiritually connected and faith will bring them closer to feeling at peace. Due to this sense of comfort within your religious community, many people will join and become members of the organizing community you’ve created. Personally, at my temple that I attend, I know that …show more content…
From sleepless nights to endless amounts of research and recruitment, activists believe that this is all worth it. Many times this effort is not enough, but other times you notice the difference it has made on just one individual’s life that reassures you it is worth all the handwork you contribute to the community. I believe that thanks to spiritual and religious sanctions, communities are more aligned with one another and these places unite every individual as a whole. In a dream, all the hate in the world would disappear and we could all unite as a whole and help one another in

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