The Importance Of Faith And Spirituality

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This article is an overview of Dan Cathy’s anti-equality views expressed to the public sector in the summer of 2012. Dan Cathy, the CEO of chick-fil-A delved into deep waters which costed him quite a bit. Through the decision he made to speak out on his own personal religious views, he learned a very important lesson. Leaders should always learn from their mistakes whether big or small and make better decisions in the future for themselves as well as for the others they are serving. After speaking out Dan Cathy soon realized his beliefs were not entirely favored and he was attacked by a wide range of others who felt attacked from his statement.
Although, Dan Cathy did not alter his views, he did make the mistake in publicly speaking when he should have stayed silent. Dan lost business through his statement there were also others who protested against
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Since spiritual and faith values are important areas of a person’s life they should be regarded as a potential resource versus being ignored. During the assessment process in counseling a counselor can evaluate a client’s faith and spirituality to utilize as a point of focus for further examination. Faith and spirituality are an influential source of significance and purpose. An individual’s spiritual values assist in offering clarity of mind of their purpose here on the earthly plane.
Our personal faith and spirituality assist us in navigating ourselves within our thoughts, feelings, decisions, will, and our action. For some spirituality and faith are important for others it’s meaningless and has no source of importance in their lives. As counselors we are able to integrate faith and spirituality through the clients core beliefs and values and their experience of life. We also have to be mindful we are not offending others or projecting our personal belief system onto our

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