The Importance Of Failure

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Failure has taught me a lot of things, that I have made be a different and better person, It has brought me through some horrid and dark times where I felt hopeless, no light I just kept on failing at everything I was doing. It developed such a negative mind set in my mind that I was scared to do anything take any risks in friendships, in school in sports I maintained my bubble because I successful in that small bubble of my mind. January. Snow. Ice. Frigid temperatures. Grey skies. These are the reasons I loathe winter. I was exhausted from my volleyball the long brutal practice , exhausted from the lack of sleep, exhausted from the damp of winter in my bones, exhausted from school I and in pain from my finger. The practice went horribly and I got kicked out of many of the drills due to my ill performance I …show more content…
As success gives us confident and an optimistic outlook to life. Ultimately we learn from failure and in order to be successful learning from mistakes will make people see how hard they truly have worked in order to achieve these goals. The negative look on failure is what society had put upon it, how failing will make you a loser and someone who is morose to their life. Failure isn’t not getting the ideal result you wanted or needed to deliver, its different from giving up and not wanting to try again because of the fear that you will fail again. Thereby society has brought people to not take risks on what they want and what they truly seek to achieve in life because they think they’ll never be good enough. Failure isn’t something to fear it is the key to success; as success wouldn’t be as sweet without the pain and heartache that people go through in order to reach their

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