Controversy: The Role Of Failure In Art

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Failure is a part of everyones life, it is often looked upon as a bad thing, and for some people, it is. As for others, they take failure and use it as a stepping block, finding ways to improve, looking at it as if it weren 't a failure at all, or to make use of their failure in a different way that wouldn’t be reflected on as a failure. In the art world, critiquing can be quite confusing, some art is considered to have a lack of success, due to the time period it was made created, it wasn 't original, or a deficient amount of outstanding performance or skill. Failure is a key factor in art, promoting advancement in art, and helping to recognize mistakes and ways to fix them. Art can be difficult to comprehend, it is a subjective experience for the viewer and the artist can …show more content…
Controversy in art is typically from something in the artwork being provocative and socially unacceptable. Many artists feel that it is necessary to push the boundaries of what society has set as a standard. Art would not be anywhere near the same as it is now if artists had never put controversy into their work. “If you 're not failing every now and again, it 's a sign you 're not doing anything very innovative.” (Allen) a quote by Woody Allen, relates perfectly with how artists need to look at moving forward. If artists as a community never failed, their would be no new ideas in art, art would become the same, making many people uninterested in what art has to offer. Art can be anything the creator wants it to be, making it one of the most diverse, interesting, open minded subjects on earth, if one were to restrict what can be done, than they have made the world that much less creative, unique, and beautiful. Controversy may be considered a failure at first, but that is because people do not know how to respond to something so thought provoking, through time these ideas and controversies become more open, enabling art to

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