The Importance Of Faillace

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I have been there; I have done that. What is the purpose of putting yourself through this stress at this point in your life? In seeking the inspiration to return to the classroom and complete my Bachelor’s degree, there is nothing that inspires me more than the determination and hard work of my children. It is in seeing the progress and success of their efforts that they have become role models for me, their mother, to shake off the cobwebs and enter the academic world for no other reason than to fulfill a personal goal I never accomplished.
I attended Penn State University directly out of high school. I had dreams of completing my undergraduate degree and eventually maybe even graduate school. As so many of us soon
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I made the decision to gather my credits, accept an Associate’s degree and attend a technical school.
The hospital based school of Electroencephalographic Technology (EEG) was a one-year training program which had all but guaranteed a position upon completion. This course of study became my passion, as I soon found working with patients and their families to be extremely fulfilling. This field of work has not only allowed me to play a role in the medical care of thousands of individuals, but has given me opportunities to touch the hearts of these patients and in turn allow them to touch mine. Only through seeing the adversities which others bear can you place in perspective your own difficulties.
I have been blessed with always having just enough provided. I will not say I have not had struggles throughout life, however from a standpoint of the age of fifty, I am gratified by the life the Lord has provided me. A husband who has loved me for twenty-seven years and two amazing children.

My daughter and son, one in her third year of college and my son graduating high school with honors. This is my inspiration. I have watched my children grow and mature into
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My daughter is full of compassion. It has been a challenging academic road, and with the mercy she has showed to others, I am assured she will soon graduate with her B.S.N. in the Class of 2017 and begin her life’s calling to care for those who hurt. There have been many days she felt she was not smart enough to stay the course, as she watched many of her friends and classmates drop out or be dismissed from the nursing program. Countless times I used the words,
“give it to the Lord…” and each semester I see her develop and the coursework becomes a little easier to understand. Emilee, my daughter inspires me.
Eric is a natural at school. Math and science are his strong points. I have never had to worry about him completing assignments, or quite frankly checking his grades. He has always seemed to breeze through school, except when it came to reading. He hated reading, not that he couldn’t, he just dreaded the thought of picking up a book and reading. In freshman and sophomore years of high school, I found many un-cracked literary books in his room.

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