The Importance Of Facilitating Training And Development Essay

1431 Words Jun 25th, 2015 6 Pages

Submitted by: Jannel Ann A. Baldivas
Lecturer: Mahruk Khan and Namoe Sau
Assignment Due Date: June 26, 2015

As I look back… I enjoyed attending class in my PSD because I met a lot of people in different nations and our tutors who are great and shared so many information about living here in New Zealand. After my PSD class, my actual course will now begin. It was 2p.m. in the afternoon, when I finally started my first class in Diploma Health Services Management 202 Facilitating Training and Development last April 22, 2015 and we met our teacher Dr. Mahruk Khan. I actually don’t have any idea what will be my course will all about and how the teaching strategies goes here in our school. My understanding about facilitating training and development, for me it is all about how I can be a good facilitator and will develop more skills. The most significant aspect in learning was to never stop learning. I can relate myself in this topic, in which I need to grow personally and professionally as I study here in New Zealand. There will be a big change in my life living here! My aim is to equip myself in learning process to become a better health provider in order to give good quality health service in the health care sector.
In our class… We are divided into groups and we were given a task to have a group name and to think of some of our strengths and weaknesses. We named our group as the Avengers…

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