The Importance Of Face To Face Meeting

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Research has found that time zone confusion has created a big challenge in coordinating team members in different geographical areas and hindering the decision-making activity. Hambley, O 'Neill, and Kline 's [2007]. Members located in different time zones and it often become difficult to get all team members at given time to share important information and assign tasks. This creates delay in responses and communication may be down (Kankanhalli, Tan & Wei, 2007; Ebrahim, Ahmed & Taha, 2009; Siebdrat, Hoegl & Ernst, 2009)
Performance Issue
Research has found that (Hoegl and Proserpio, 2004) working remotely negatively affects performance and a global virtual team are less effective to effectively function as compared to traditional teams and
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Face to face meeting will encourage informal communication, team cohesion, maintains a team spirit and increase the effectiveness of electronic communication. The face-to-face meeting or orientation may be arranged at the launching of a project so that it can serve as an initiating team -building and maintaining key social processes among team members. Annual company meeting or other periodic meeting platforms will create an additional communication channel that members can interact and build an interpersonal relationship, thus increasing trust among themselves. Actually, there will be a cost and time issue involved in arranging a face -to face meeting, but a study finds out that this cost can be capitalized into investment once the global virtual team able to convert such occasions into its advantage and bring tangible …show more content…
Though the availability of face to face meeting is minimal, it doesn’t mean that there is no need for hiring employees with high level of personal skills. In the absence of face -face meeting, the effective communication among team members rely on who effectively communicate given this shortcoming. As similar to any traditional team, virtually dispersed team success depends on the level of cooperation, communication and cohesiveness among team members. The absence of an effective interpersonal relationship between dispersed teams will affect greatly its performance and achieving the established goal. So manager should give emphasis on teamwork skills in hiring members in to disperse virtual teams using a number assessment that identifies interpersonal skills and team fit. While culturally diversified teams have an issue in adjusting at the beginning, however, they are often proved more productive and creative along the way and manager should recognize and utilize such diversity in building their virtual team.
Managers should give also give greater emphasis to creating a clear direction, establish team operating process that every member can understand and make sure each team member committed to team vision. They should clearly communicate each team member roles and responsibilities with uncertain

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