Why Illumination Engineering: What Is Facade Lighting?

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What is Facade Lighting?

Nowadays, lighting solutions have become the most important need of industry people. The world is in a state of change and individuals are in a race to turn the nights into day. However, these solutions also need to be sustainable, save resources and prevent unnecessary light pollution. It is critical to have a good external illumination design for the built environment because people wants to enhance the beauty of the architectural structure, which in return highlights the importance of buildings.

One of the most challenging tasks in illumination engineering is a good architectural monument lighting scheme for old heritage monuments. Lighting solutions, products and designs help you convey your architectural message. Here comes the 'Facade' lighting, which can actually change the way we look at buildings, it helps in turning a common building
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When the light and shadow work together, a strong and impressive image shows up. The interplay between light and shadow increases overall vividness. Without interplay of light and shadow, the front of your building would look flat if lit only by a single layer of bright light. When it comes to professional facade lighting, then it becomes a key component of the external appearance of hotels and restaurants. The lights highlight special features of the architecture without impairing them. By using these, classic lighting scenarios can be created and it also provide ultra-modern architainment features such as dynamic colored LEDs, video walls, building contour lighting and even walls of water. Facade lighting consist of Intelligent sensors and controllers, which enables the systems to adapt to daylight brightness levels and create a lasting impression in all weathers. Some effects can bring life to stills and create a 3D impression. Buildings can get their own character in the cityscape, both day and

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