Benefits Of Inevitable Transition To Parenthood

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The inevitable transition to parenthood involves a higher level of responsibility that parents will always be accountable for. Child development revolves around the influences implemented to acquiring valuable skills and knowledge. That being said, in order for a parent to successfully aid their child they must nudge them to pursue extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities will help strengthen child development and found brighter future outcomes. In this essay, I will address how extracurricular activities can promote better body growth, self-esteem, teamwork, time management, college applications and academics. Foremost, extracurricular activity involvement regulates body growth and functionality. One of the ways this is accomplished is through physical …show more content…
Extracurricular activities even help remind students of the responsibilities they have beforehand which promotes on-time task completion. Additionally, one of the long-term outcomes that assist commendable college applications are extracurricular activities. Colleges and universities look into student entry applications in search for traits that go past excellent grades. Admission offices look for students who are involved in after school activities because it shows them a lot about a student. Some of the things it shows is that these students are committed, dedicated, hardworking, and contribute to their community. If two students earned a 5.0 GPA how would college admission choose which applicant to accept? Extracurricular activities can be the deal breaker they need to separate both applicants and choose a student who excelled past grading systems. Some universities even require extracurricular activities and being involved in multiple extracurricular activities may even boost your application further. Lastly, academics is proven to benefit greatly from extracurricular

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