The Importance Of Extended Family

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This reading was a little odd to me and very long, but I found it to be interesting as well. One thing that I found to be very odd was this quote, “Children are also more likely to live with one or no parents in North America, Europe, and Oceania than in Asia and the Middle East, though living with extended families is less common in these regions”(World Family Map, 2015). I have lived in the same town with my parents and no one else, I had no idea that some children out there live with one or no parents at all. I’m not sure if I fully understand this quote but it was interesting to read and caught my eye. I don’t think I could imagine living without my parents. I wonder what would it be like for someone to be on there own or live with extended family? I am personally not close to my extended family, …show more content…
This is how I grew up and learned everything, my mother has her own business and my father is a construction Forman. The one thing my mother always lets me know is, “you want a job because if something were to happen and you got a divorce, you will be able to make an income and support yourself as good as you can”. I love this saying and my mom always repeats this when it comes to talking about school or our future. From a different perspective my boyfriend mother worked for some time when the first moved up here and for year his mother had no job and his father one the provider. My boyfriend firmly believes that women should not have to work in the labor force and I don’t disagree, but I was also taught to get a job. To me listening to him talk about women having jobs or one person providing is interesting and makes me think, what would it be like to have one parent be the provider for the income instead of two. After knowing how different my boyfriend and me grew up, what is it like to grow up with one person providing the income and can this become

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