The Importance Of Expenving The Botana Curus

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Register to read the introduction… This is because if species Z is able to grow fast, we should not waste money on trying to grow more Botana Curus, even if it is the original plant. It is almost identical and with new technology, we can also be able to find out new ways to make it even more like Botana Curus. It would be useless to preserve Botana Curus because if there is a type of species that can grow much faster, there is no use in trying to keep Botana Curus safe and waiting a long time for it to produce Curol. Another reason as to why efforts shouldn't be taken to save the Botana Curus is because of technology. Technology can help extract genes and place them into speices Z so it can still have some similarites and may even help it be more identical to the original plant. Also, we can find out how to cure cancer sooner or later with technology too. If we have Curol, scientists can try and identify which other substance can stop

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