Excellence And Equity Of Care Education Reflection

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As I reflect on my goals, I have gained new insights that deepened my understanding in the field of Issues and Trends on how professionals relate to Excellence and Equity of Care Education. However, the topics related the children and families in this course and previous courses were significant to my professional as well. During this master’s course, I have become more respected and sensitive to the growth and needs of children and their families. Therefore, I feel that I am more ready to apply the knowledge that I have absorbed, to young children that I serve in the Head Start and my community. In the foundations course, my goals that I focused on includes: setting up my own daycare and afterschool program, obtaining a Master’s …show more content…
The parenting programs would consist of focusing on high quality childcare in my community. However, the main purposes would be to support the families, and to teach them effective ways of understanding and interacting with their children. Families would also learn, the necessity of accessing high-quality early childhood education, as well as how to prepare their children for school readiness. According to these authors, I have learned that increasingly, children are growing up in families where both parents are working; consequently, they lack the necessary tools to evaluate a quality program (Workman & Ullrich, 2017). Overall, the program would provide consultation services, and workshops of the most current information and research concerning high quality care and how to promote child growth and development (“Parent Programs & Collaborative” n.d.). As an early childcare educator, I have learned that a high- quality program identifies that families, are crucial to children’s educational success (Workman & Ullrich, 2017, p. 9). This would be an opportunity to engage families in children’s learning and to have policies in place as well (p.9). Conversely, a parenting program is much needed in my community; therefore, I am determined to make a difference in the lives of young children and

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