The Importance Of Evolution And Our Dietary Change

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Neil Mann, who is a Professor & Head of Food Science & Nutrition in RMIT University, spoke about evolution and our dietary change, specifically the difference on our nutrition today and the time of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. There is a huge contrast in terms of energy density of foods and other key food compositional differences, which has led us to have disease today. He stated that we are not so healthy in these 50-60 years according to our diet intake. Food is our main energy sources. We can get energy from macronutrients such as carbohydrate, protein and lipid. Also, it is vital to eat all the 5 group types to get all the nutrients.

Our human evolution timeline started with mammalian insectivores such as dinosaurs, followed by primates,
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Gorillas have a large intestine in the body, which is bigger than human, but is unable to digest cellulose and some plant materials. Hence, their energy from food sources is very low. In comparison, chimpanzees can digest more plant food such as flowers and bark of trees, but are unable to digest grass. Human have very small capacity to extract energy from plants. We also have the smallest gut out of primates. We do have caecum, but in 10-20 million years ago, caecum is considered as non-functional in …show more content…
There are 4 stages of dietary change. Firstly, in 4 million years ago, we have primitive, genetic change has happened. They eat minimally processed animal foods and wild plant. Then, agriculture has begin, mainly grain cultivation. They grow high yield crops such as wheat and barley. There is no one food type has all the nutrients they need. Therefore, their narrow dietary with less meat and wild vegetation has an impact on reducing their life span and stature. Also, there is an increase in health problem such as dental caries and iron deficiency. Next, we have industrial revolution, where we start making flour. Finally, about 60 years ago, where fast food revolution started, we have large variety of food. Food companies came out with a thousand new products or processed food by using some cheapest commodities. For example, starch from grains, sugar from sugar cane, and seed oil from

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