The Importance Of Ethics In The Helping Professions

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What Is Ethics When pertaining to beliefs we hold about what constitutes right conduct, we are referring to ethics (Corey, Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2015). Ethics can be defined as “moral principles adopted by an individual or group to provide rules for right conduct” (p.12). Ethics plays an important role in helping professions. Professions will set ideal standards or aspirational goals, that are represented by ethics, which are regulated by professional associations, government boards, and national certifications. Ethics is a term that is used in the majority of our every day-to-day routine. We make decisions based on what we believe to be moral, right and wrong, and values we have. Ethics not only has importance in the helping profession …show more content…
They were able to discover his apartment building and that Bruno’s mom, Maneulla, is a drug addict. During this detectives Carissi and Benson go to Child Protective Services (CPS) and show caseworkers a picture of Bruno. They find Bruno’s file and the caseworker assigned to Bruno takes them to his apartment after being told about how Bruno was wandering the streets the night before. When arriving at the apartment the door was wide open, when the detective enter they quickly find out that Bruno had a sister by the name, Keisha, locked in a dog cage unconscious and with a weak pulse. Keisha is rushed to the hospital where she later dies from dehydration and organ failure. The detectives were furious with the caseworker cause if Keith had been visiting he would have known that Manuelle was not a fit parent and the kids were starving. The detectives headed to CPS where the caseworkers swore they had done a home visit two weeks ago, but without subpoena they could not see the laptop with the case notes.
Simultaneously the mother of the children is found strung out on the streets begging for money, she is arrested and taken in for questioning where she explains she had been clean until Bruno’s father, Felippe had been released from jail in May. Felippe hated Keisha cause she was not his daughter so he bought the cage and put her in it. The weekend of July 4th Felippe was shot and Manuelle shared that she fell of the wagon and had not been taken care of her children since then, but she had also not seen her caseworker since

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