The Importance Of Ethics In Science

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In order to make significant advances in scientific research there are ethical boundaries that must be pushed. Ethics can be described as the difference between what is morally right or wrong; in science these morals must be considered in order to avoid scientific growth at the expense of accepted societal beliefs. However, if these ethical boundaries are not challenged science advancement would be nearly impossible. Some fields of science in which the debate of ethics has become a large part of are: the case of Henrietta Lacks, stem cell research, genetically modified organisms and the use and testing of animals. All of these cases test societies idea of what is morally allowable, without them however many current and future
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This means if the desired trait did not appear as the scientists had hoped they can cease producing the organism in that way but they can not erase what they have created (12). Many think it is unethical to change the natural genetic makeup of an organism. They believe it is unacceptable for plants and animals to be changed in order to meet our wants and needs. Many realize once we have altered an organism we have brought something into our world that was not there before; and because of that we do not always know the consequences which may be very difficult to reverse (12). For example, while testing different altered seeds scientists must allow these plants to grow and it is quite possible pollen from the plant may be blown by wind or seeds be picked up by birds and dropped elsewhere. This means they can decide to cease production of that organism but they will not be able ensure none of its DNA has been left behind. We must live with that organism as now a part of our world. It is believed it is not acceptable that we take a natural organism and alter it in ways we can not undo and are unable to predict. In plants this can lead to unwanted or unhealthy breeds which can contaminate our environment and in animals this can lead to unhealthy side effects which can cause them suffering

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