The Importance Of Ethics In My Life

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I am firm in the belief that I have no set ethical approach piloting my life. I do have ethics,values, and morality of course, however there is no one set rule in my mind that I follow on a constant basis. I would be willing to wager that nobody truly has one ethical belief that governs all of their life, regardless of what they might profess. There are many things I value, and those things definitely lead me to making my ultimate decision, but none of them is really more pivotal in that decision than another, and all of them change with circumstance. And many of them differ because of how or where we were raised. That said, there are some values that are always in the forefront of my mind when I’m making decisions. Those are kindness, honesty, and my own self interest.
As children, we are told to make the right
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For example, in America we value life, to the point of wanting to force people to carry and birth their unwanted children, even if that child is deformed or handicapped and even if it comes from violence. But in Africa if a child is born deformed or even born with heterochromia the child is left in the woods to die, or their tossed in the river. Is it right to have a child, even if it will suffer, or to kill it so that it won’t?
This approach to my essay may in itself be wrong, since I am supposed to be singling out one value that guides my decisions and making it the topic of this essay. So in order to respect the guidelines of this essay, I will pick the value that directs the outcome of the majority of my decisions. If I’m being honest, honesty is extremely important to me, and it does in fact, play a major role in my decisions.That said, it has gotten me into some trouble in the past, when wielded

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