The Importance Of Ethics In Media

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Ethics in Media There has recently been a lot of media coverage in Ferguson, MO where Officer Darren Wilson, white, was cleared of rights violation in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man, Michael Brown. After the verdict was read, riots broke out on the streets of Ferguson and continued for several days. It quickly turned into a racial event pitting blacks against whites. The media felt it was ethically okay to cover the racial aspect rather than the verdict. “Cameras do change the dynamic. They magnify, they amplify, they can certainly distort” (Senso, 2014). Several Ferguson residents were interviewed during the riots helping to fuel the race angle. One black man explained he was in support of the riots and claimed violence was …show more content…
A peaceful protest would have been more apt to serve everyone. The citizens who were protesting would still be able to get their point across without damaging their own city. This protestor did not make an ethical choice by participating in and encouraging the rioting. Ami Horowitz was also on scene during the riots and stopped a black protester to ask him some questions.
“Horowitz: Is America a racist country? Protestor: F*ck yeah. […] You’re racist. Horowitz: Why? Protestor: Cause you 're white. [...] Horowitz: Could a black person be racist? Protestor: (adjusting the bandana covering his face) Nope. Horowitz: It’s impossible for a black person to be racist? Protestor: Yep. Horowitz: But if you hate white people does that make you racist?
Protestor: We don’t hate white people. You’re all the devil” (Truth Revolt, 2014).
Horowitz did not ask the protestor about his thoughts on the verdict, but rather asked a direct question relating to race. Horowitz should have applied the virtue approach when conducting his
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How would he be seen by others? He should have asked for the protesters opinion on what was going on in the city. He should have asked about the verdict because after all that is why all of this started. He was not being fair to the man and he was selling himself short as he encouraged the man to talk about the racial divide. Television media showed destruction, bricks being thrown, cars set on fire, and chanting from protestors “black lives matter.” Fox news contributor Cal Thomas called the media out for their coverage. “There’s a lynch mob forming and it’s decided Darren Wilson, the police officer, is guilty of murdering Michael Brown and the media are playing this as if the mob has a legitimate grievance” (Thomas, 2014). There are many interviews given by the protestors that the media publicized, sharing their grievances. This not only boosted the ratings, but encouraged the

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