Importance Of Ethics In Law Enforcement Essay

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According to “Ethics in Law Enforcement,” the core of how the law dictates how people must behave is based on social contract theory, which is the relationship between rules and laws in society. The law realizes in order for society to function, humans need to have rules that protect them or else they would be prone to fight to survive. Therefore, the law created moral codes, and laws and whoever should break them shall bear the consequences and those who decide to follow them shall reap the rewards, namely, survival, education, security, and other sources needed to live. In addition, these codes and morals are based upon what a common person would believe is considered to be good. For example, preventing harm, immoral activities, such as, …show more content…
When people behave ethically, it allows them to work and live among each other. For example, if people constantly go behind others and lie, steal, or cheat it would create chaos, an unstable workplace, and more unnecessary work. Former chairman of IBM, John Akers, believes treating people this way would cause every statement to have notarizes because people would not be able to rely on others based on trust. In addition, Akers states, “That is a recipe not only for headaches in running a company, but for a nation to become wasteful, inefficient, and noncompetitive (Chapter 2, pg.). Wrong choices are hard to forget, therefore, behaving ethically helps lean people towards making smarter and honest choices as their decisions affects people’s lives and. For example, knowing how a decision can affect someone’s life will help them learn how to prevent harm, such as, a fuel burning company should find the most efficient and safe way to burn fuel because burning fuel wrong can harm not only others but the planet. Therefore, if people did not care about consequences, no one would be able to trust others and our society would be different than it is today. Lastly, people make nice gestures because it helps them feel notable about themselves and behaving ethically spreads when everyone else behaves the same

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