Ethical Theories Of Ethics

It can be said that if I say that the sky is blue then I am right. Well, that may not always be the case. It all depends on when the person goes outside to check, because one could go out at night or one could go out within the break of morning and it may be orange. This bring us to understanding ethical theories and the principals. “They each emphasize different aspects of an ethical dilemma and lead to the most ethically correct resolution according to the guidelines within the ethical theory itself. People usually base their individual choice of ethical theory upon their life experiences (Rainbow, 2016).”
Ethical theories and the principles are the fundamentals of the scrutiny, mainly because of the vantage point from which direction can
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Metaethics covers a broad range of ideas as it relates to ethics. However, the two most discussed would be a) is morality is a man-made concept and b) what our motivation is for making the “good” or ethically moral decision (Delapp, 2016). We can understand, that by doing the right thing is just the best thing to do. However, there comes a time in your life where you should just be honest within yourself. There are a lot of thing that makes our character and that can range from several things. The experience that people love or learn to appreciate help them make the right choice. For example; You date a woman who you thought would be faithful and one day, you catch her cheating. An ethical person isn’t going to say, oh it’s okay! We can determine, they are not going to be a happy person; which could cause them to go off. It can have a drawback, of this principle. “The overprotective figure may not have the same ideals as the dependent person and will deny the victim autonomy and ability to choose the best decision. This, in turn, leads to a decreased amount of beneficence (Rainbow, …show more content…
Well the best thing that I do when I seemed to be so overwhelmed with life and its challenges, I take a moment just to take in the scenery that’s free. “Valuable because they allow us to do thing well. Any good theory will be a useful tool in the laboratory of life” (Wilkens, 2011, p. 217). Our mindset and the way we do things might have to change. We should collect facts and make sure that it is what it is but even then, we still don’t become happy with what we have located. But having the facts is not enough. Facts by themselves only tell us what is; they do not tell us what ought to be. In addition to getting the facts, resolving an ethical issue also requires an appeal to values (Manuel Velasquez,

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