The Importance Of Ethical Dilemmas

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Register to read the introduction… Identify stakeholders. Who will be affected by this decision? What are their relationships to me, and what is their power over my decision or results? Who has a stake in the outcome? Do not limit your inquiry only to those stakeholders to who you believe you owe a duty” sometimes a duty arises as a result of the impact to the stakeholders.” For instance, you might not necessarily first consider your competitors as stakeholder; however, once you understand the impact of your decision on those competitors, an ethical duty may arise. * The clients of Stratton Oakmont who were ill advised by the brokers of this company to buy shares in stocks that company was secretly holding. * The employees of Stratton Oakmont who probably were unaware what the company was really doing but became addicted to their lifestyles and ultimately loss their jobs. * Jordan Belfort and his partners who were definitely addicted to their lifestyles and loss all their morals and character. * The wives and children of Jordan and his partners who probably loss their way of living. 4. Consider the available alternatives. Exercise “moral imagination.” Are there creative ways to resolve conflicts? Explore not only the obvious choices, but also those that are less obvious and that require some creative thinking or moral imagination to create. * Jordan Belfort meets different mentors other than Mark Hanna and Peter DeBlasio. * Jordan Belfort does not get his broker’s …show more content…
Moral Decision Making –Morals are the motives that lie behind behavior based upon an individual’s concept of what is right and what is wrong. Jordan Belfort did not know what that meant. In the beginning of the movie, Belfort is happily married trying to create a better lifestyle for them. It shows that when Belfort adopted Mark Hanna’s method that changed his life for the worst as far as how to treat others. Belfort came from the suburbs with his family life. Mark Hanna was city living, a rich broker who was rewarded for being an alcoholic, drug abusing, womanizer. Mark Hanna displayed that a leader was rewarded for being deviant, which led Jordan Belfort to making his decisions after he met Mark Hanna.

4. Altruism –Jordan Belfort at some point in his life believed that he was helping people by helping them get what they want. Especially, the stockbrokers that worked for Stratton Oakmont to reach a level he wanted for himself and his friends. Hi stockbrokers went from being poor to becoming very wealthy. The company was lying about what they were doing to their clients’ investments. The SEC was protecting the stockholders interest. 5. Greed –Jordan Belfort appears to not care about anything but having money. Money is his motivation to continue his habits of having drugs, sex, women just about anything he felt he wanted or needed. He became so greedy his first wife tried to tell him that it wasn’t right to take people’s money the way he was doing it. The greed consumed his entire life. It caused Belfort to lose

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