The Importance Of Ethical Dilemmas In Case Management

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There may be a number of ethical concerns that a case management professional would face while providing services to Marek. A concern that would come to mind, is on how Marek’s background was growing up as a child other than the information that was provided. Another ethnical concern would be if Marek had any religious, or belief’s involved in his background. “Others clients may not be involved with church, but may hold a firm spiritual belief that they find very sustaining in one’s life (Summers, 2015). Another major ethnical concern would be of Marek’s medical history. Marek has stated he has not seen a physician in many years, so that is a major concern as well. All these ethnical concerns may help better assist Marek to prepare for his …show more content…
I plan on keeping Marek’s information confidential by only speaking to Marek about his information. All notes that I take are in a confidential file. Any information that is needed, Marek would have to give consent. Only time confidentially is to be broken is if Marek is talking about harming himself or someone else. Confidentiality is not to be broken in this case, because Marek has not stated about harming himself or someone else.
Marek is a young male who is facing different struggles in his life time. For instance, Marek started hanging out with other teens who involved themselves in risky behavior. Marek started drinking throughout high school, and eventually started taking ecstasy. He was also admitted to skipping class as well. Marek’s risky behavior started to increase up until he graduated high school. Later on, Marek went to college, where he was arrested for underage drinking and possession of cocaine. He also admitted to smoking crack and marijuana for the majority of his time. Marek struggled with addiction to these drugs, and even considered prostituting for money in order to pay for his addiction. He then started working for a drug dealer, and then got caught by
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He has been engaging in substance abuse ever since he was in high school. It is very important Marek is removed from that typical lifestyle, and put into a safe place. A safe place would be a treatment facility that Marek’s probation officer and judge recommended. In this treatment facility, it provides everything a client may need in order to sustain life. The program helps individuals learn about addiction, what triggers addiction, and offers counseling services. This program can help Marek get educated, and aware of his

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