The Importance Of Ethical Dilemma In Counselling

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Ethics is very important it concern of the branch of philosophy, ethics, “seeks to understand and determine how human actions can be judged as right or wrong” (, 2018). As human being we make ethical judgement by using our own experience and we also base ethical judgement upon the nature or it also could be the principle of the reason. People who study ethics have a strong believe that ethical decision has be made on the based of theory. The first theory that will be introducing to is consequentialism. Consequentialism is an ethical theory which has, “posit the rightness or wrongness of any action must be viewed in terms of the consequences that the action produces” (, 2018). This theory touch on the right and wrong which …show more content…
I would explain why I feel that the other two theories are not too good to solve the counselor dilemma. Let begin with the nature law, it will be my second choice because it a theoretical position which would rational reflection on nature human nature. Nature Law theory is not good to solve dilemma in the field I want to go in which is counselling because it is difficult for natural law theory to be interpreted because every person the view and think different. The next problem with nature law is how we could determine, “the essential or morally praiseworthy traits of human nature”. Two Philosopher Aquinas and Aristotle feel that, “integral to the theory have different views about god’s role in nature”, because of this it causes confuse in the issue, in especially when nature law endowed by nature or a traditionally by God or a transcendent source, which confuse especially when trying to decipher the theory which on relies on the existence of God (Queensborough Community College,2018). Another issue of nature law and why it not good for solve dilemma in the counselling position because human behavior has sorely reliant upon the environment that one exposed to social classes, education and the person upcoming. The next one I feel is not good is virtue ethics, because it has two different approach and it could cause confusing when trying to solve the dilemma in the counselling field because you can use the wrong approach. Virtue ethics is not good for counselor job because it makes, “the practice of virtue ethics encourages professionals to develop a conscious awareness of their morals from a multicultural perspective, and to strive to attain a worldview that does not perpetuate the beliefs and values of mainstream culture”. It not a good theory to use to solve dilemma in the counselling field because in virtue ethics there

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