The Importance Of Epidemiology In The Community Of Hartford Connecticut

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Epidemiology in the community of Hartford Connecticut

I have chosen to focus my paper on the city of Hartford Connecticut. Identifying the right data source to obtain information is very important for managing and targeting the right population in the disease management process. Information can be found in many places, but finding credible sources is very important to assess the community and compare to the nationwide problems. Since the introduction of the Internet, we have been able to access many places in on World Wide Web to be able in becoming more informed and educate ourselves on disease management. Some of the credible data sources I have been able to obtain are from the federal and state level, some were non-profit organizations
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In the medical field, we enforce teaching on High blood pressure and high cholesterol in which continues to be the major contributors to stroke and cardiovascular disease. There are many people in the community that do not understand that high blood pressure is an asymptomatic disease that causes serious problems in their health. Managing high blood pressure and cholesterol with diet and exercise can help decrease the risk for developing heart disease and stroke in the future. Although the increase in accessibility of unhealthy fast food restaurants is a major concern for peoples ' health, many American’s due to the lack of time and cost of food prices, are choosing unhealthy fried and processed food for easy consumptions, which include an increase in unhealthy fats and sodium levels. Many American want to eat healthy food, but unfortunately they have no access to places to obtain healthy choices. Especially when someone lives in a city and is unable to drive to a grocery store due to major box stores taking over the area and forcing small stores to close its doors. The lack of physical activity is a major concern, especially in the Northeast part of the country in the winter months. People can 't afford to pay for a membership to a GYM, walking is always an option but when it is cold who wants to do that? Poor access to parks and recreation options post a barrier to …show more content…
In the year of 2010 there was a prevalence of 434.5 HIV cases per 100,000 population in Hartford County.” ( The city rate was higher then the state at 359.7 and the national rate of 340.4. The HIV/AIDS is predominantly high among the Hispanic community in the city of Hartford but lower rates compared to the state and national rates. The black community is the second within the city but the hightest within the state and nation. The non-Hispanic white community have the lowest numbers within the city, state and county. In Connecticut there is a program called AIDS Connecticut and they programs within the major cities of CT some of the programs available are the clean needle exchanging program. They also provide free testing for HIV and STIs, and many

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