The Importance Of Environmental Stewardship In Education

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Register to read the introduction… Everyone is involved, not just the students. We started a huge recycling program, collected donations during lunch for the Save the Whales campaign and Send a Cow program. Students go on annual field trips to the Chesapeake Bay to learn about the impact of human development on ecosystems and teachers were awarded grants and students acquired donations from the community to build a nature trail.
One way I have introduced the environmental stewardship concept to my students is the Symbolic Migration of the monarch butterfly that is sponsored by Journey North that I mentioned earlier. In early fall, we make paper butterflies to send to children in Mexico who are educated and encouraged to protect the monarch winter habitat from deforestation in their area.
When spring comes, Mexican children send the paper butterflies back to us. My kids really love receiving butterflies from other locations and the Spanish written letters, which the Spanish teacher helps to translate. During the school year, English teachers have their students write letters for free milkweed seeds and the science teachers have them propagate and plant the milkweed for the monarchs’ return in our butterfly garden. All the while, our students understand on many levels how important it is for North America and Mexico to preserve this tiny, but threatened

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