Disadvantages Of Mbarq In Ghana

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Ghana is considered to be one of the more stable countries in West Africa. Once known as the “gold coast”, Ghana is the second largest producer of gold in Africa. They are also the world’s second largest producer of cocoa beans. Roughly 69% of the land in Ghana is being used for agricultural purposes. Agricultural productivity contributes substantially to an overall economic development of a country. They have a population of about 28 million people with majority of them under the age of 25. Ghana’s official language is English making them a great choice for organizations in the United States to do business with. They have a multiparty democratic government, and a pluralistic legal system. These two factors could be of great benefit for MBarQ as it should demonstrate …show more content…
MBarQ could have a dominating market in Ghana as they do not have as many international organizations and they are seeking those wishing to expand. This could also be seen as a threat because it is a risk going into a country with little knowledge of how other international organizations are doing. Another threat is that they are not seen as technologically advanced. They have very basic necessities. Not only that but there are poor health conditions in Ghana and life expectancy is much lower there than in the United States. MBarQ should take the health considerations seriously because this could pose a legal threat for them in the future. The climate also plays a role in their socio-economic lives, as they are dependent on their natural resources and availability to them. With the changing weather this could have long term effects on their economy. Overall it seems as if the weaknesses could be stronger than the advantages. Health conditions and having a more stable environment could be reasons why MBarQ might choose not to expand to

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