The Importance Of English 101

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I have always struggled with writing. Despite it being one of my favorite subjects since I was younger, it does not come easy to me. When I registered for English 101, I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up and my novice abilities would inevitably lead me to fall behind. I was aware that writing took time and effort; however, I was unaware of the amount of knowledge, practice, and critical skills that were involved in writing a good paper. Fortunately, this fear was soon erased. The class English 101 has not only taught me several ways to successfully construct, document, and be creative with my writing, but also succeeded in instilling confidence behind my work. My narrative and argumentative essay were both great gateways for me to express my thoughts and demonstrate the writing techniques I learned throughout English 101.
The first proper college essay I wrote in ENG 101 was a narrative. The prompt I was given was to write about the process that resulted in
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Before taking this class, I always thought that revision was simply seeing if you had any noticeable grammatical errors. I soon learned that this was incorrect, and revision is a tedious process, but is necessary in producing a quality essay. The revision process I used for my persuasive essay was long, but worth it. Firstly, I started with making sure the issue I was discussing was expressed clearly and properly defined. Secondly, I moved on to my thesis and checked to see if my claim was clear and specific. Thirdly, I checked to see if my writing was catered to the audience and all the complex terms I used were defined. After I finished that, I proceeded to inspect that each reason was back with sufficient evidence and every paragraph had a topic sentence. Lastly, I viewed my essay as a whole to assess whether it was coherent. This process took a lot of time, but its effort was reflected in the quality of my

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