The Importance Of Employment Discrimination And Harassment

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Employment Discrimination and Harassment
In today’s world everyone will suffer a form of discrimination at least once. Opinions are made from the simplest and most natural aspects of what makes us individuals. For example, your nationality, social class, level of education, genetic traits, and religion are scrutinized out of fear and lack of comprehension Discrimination happens ubiquitously. Therefore, the federal government has implemented laws, executive orders, and prohibitions to protect society against the acts of discrimination as well as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as “unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment”(Moran, 2014, pg.265). This also includes displaying material of sexual nature that one may find offensive and or has not consented to.
Quid Pro Quo Harassment
A victim must show by a predominance of the evidence that the harasser
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It is always best to notify them in writing, and to keep a copy of any written complaint you make to your employer. As soon as you start to notice the harassment starts, begins taking notes. You must make sure that you jot down date, time, where incident/incidents took place ect... Make sure to notate as much information as possible. Also reach out to your peers and see if anyone heard or witnessed anything while you were being harassed. Once the complaint has been filed with the employer and nothing has been done you are then entitled to file a civil rights claim within your state. Each state has different rules and regulations on submitting a

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