Personal Narrative Style Analysis

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to be manage your emotions as well as other 's emotions. Emotional intelligence requires certain skills such as having the ability to identify your emotions and other 's emotions, utilizing emotions to use it for problem solving and to be able to adjust emotions. In the textbook Manning,Ahearne & Reece (2011) explains that people who possess a high level of emotional intelligence have many qualities needed in sales such as being optimistic, having empathy, proper social skills, being about to adapt and much more.

The win-win approach to selling in my perspective is when both the buyer and the seller are satisfied with each other and have a mutual understanding of what they both receive. The win-win approach
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People who are in the directive style have low sociability and high dominance. They are not afraid to take charge but they like to get to the point, which can sometimes come off as being pushy and impatient. They aren 't as kind and don 't like their time being wasted. They are also known as to not be good listeners. As said before, they like to get straight to the point and that 's all they care about it.

Reflective style are people who have low sociability and low dominance. People in this group is usually are not as open and do not take charge. These people tend to be very cautious, easily frustrated when surprising events happen and does not like to waste time socializing.

Supportive style are people who have low dominance and high sociability. People who are grouped within the supportive style are usually very good listeners which is a key when it comes to selling. These people are also very patient and relaxed. They take longer than usual when making a decision because they put a lot of thought into
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In my perspective, individual differences and adapting to different communication styles are the two most important out of all. Individual differences is good because your body language can be considered to be a first impression. For example, in the business world, the way you dress, look and present yourself is crucial. Adapting to different communication styles is also important because when selling a product, you will be dealing with multiple customers who are all different. Each customer will have their own personality and certain behaviors, it is the seller 's job to adapt to those behaviors and personalities so that you can give the customer a comfort or satisfactory feeling. Not knowing how to adapt to another 's emotions will result in lack of

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