Personal Narrative: My 13 Years Of Elementary School

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Throughout my 13 years of school, and now in college, you learn who you truly become, who your friends are, and especially realize what you’ve been taught eventually pays off. When we were kids, we always thought about who was the most popular, or who had the coolest backpacks. Little did I know learning to respect others, pay attention in class, and even raising your hand when you had a question would show that it would come in handy for the future. Surely when we were kids, did we each think it was bologna. It has shaped our future and ourselves as an individual.

Elementary school had to be my favorite due to the fact that there were no worries in the world. Being this young, you start to develop friendships and learn to get along with others. And let’s not forget to mention seeing other boys for the first time and starting to have crushes
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That was when makeup became a thing and we had the chance to play other schools for sports. Lockers were the most exciting this ever because we had the chance to customize them however we wanted them! Since I started having 7 more teachers with different assignments, I felt that I would get nothing done. Slowly I was lagging and not turning in half of my assignments in. Procrastination was hitting me like a bus and I hardly turned anything in and wasn’t making the grades I should’ve been from the beginning. I didn’t want to get in trouble or stay another year and not go to high school with the rest of my friends. I had to make a change and get myself together. I started to stay after school and go to tutoring to catch up. The teachers started to have faith in me and give me as much help as possible since. They saw a lot of potential in me and that gave myself a lot more confidence to better myself. By the end of the year, I had all A’s on my report card, turned in every assignment, payed attention like I should have in the beginning, and most of all, made everyone

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