The Importance Of Educational Issues In Education

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Register to read the introduction… This Act raises concerns because it will influence me as a teacher and how I will teach in the next year or two. It is my responsibility to make sure that each student in my classroom reaches his or her full potential. To do this, I intend to enrich their minds with what the world has to offer them through science, social studies, art, music, and more. However, under The No Child Left Behind Act, time is not allotted for these subjects equally. The Act forces educators to teach the material to prepare the students for the test. This precludes the educators from teaching a broad range of material and thwarts the educator’s freedom and creativity. As a result, the student’s learning experience is limited and hindered. Nonetheless, my personal belief that all subjects can be allocated time equally throughout the day will help me to tackle the issues that are presented by the Act to benefit my …show more content…
This is a serious issue that affects a student’s education, and how he or she may perceive school. Although bulling will never be stopped completely, there are solutions to cease some cases and lessen others. As an educator, I must become aware of the many different types of bullying that occur, such as cyber, physical, verbal, emotional, and social bullying. Those who bully and those who are bullied may experience loneliness, depression, antisocial behaviors, trouble making friends, suicide, and problems in school (Smokowski & Kopasz, 2005). What teachers must do is encourage students to engage in class discussions relating to bullying, create a warm classroom environment where students feel involved, act as role models as well as figures of authority, and have control over unacceptable behavior (Smokowski & Kopasz, 2005). Bullying will influence my teaching by upsetting the environment in my classroom. The classroom is a place where children should feel comfortable, be treated with respect, and be able to express their thoughts and feelings. This is not a place where children should feel judged. To deal with this issue as a teacher, I can make my classroom a welcoming and fun place where students are not afraid to be themselves and where I can inform my students about the negative effects of bullying and why bullying should not occur. As

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