The Importance Of Education

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Since I was a child I was sure of only two things: I had a deep interest in accumulating knowledge and that my passion in life was to help people. Whether it be physically or emotionally, directly or indirectly, I knew I wanted to help give people the power and chance to change for the better. I have been a student at College of the Sequoias for three semesters now and am getting close to completing my general education, after which I plan to transfer to a four year university. I have excelled in school and enjoyed learning throughout my entire childhood. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a foreign exchange student in Hungary and Slovakia for an entire year while in high school where I got to experience education and life …show more content…
I was extremely close to not graduating because my school would not accept the transcripts I brought back, therefore I spent my senior year stressed and very busy, taking 6 classes at school plus classes at adult school in the afternoons to the night. Luckily, it all paid off when I found out I got accepted into every university I applied for; I was ecstatic to say the least.
Unfortunately, all of my plans had to change because of my family’s background and a serious health issue I had and am still facing today. It made it impossible for me to leave. My parents are both immigrants and did not have the opportunity or funds to get higher education in their home country or in the United States. This alone took me a huge step back and I quickly realized that life doesn’t always go as planned. Soon after, my already severe scoliosis began to worsen and I began to have an extremely hard time with everyday life. I was in pain every minute of the day and sitting or standing for excessive hours made it difficult to be in a class setting. I was told I was to have full spinal surgery and would be in recovery for months, but we could not afford any of this

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